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Program Objectives of the Federation

The objective of the Federation is to perform the activities in benefit of special, economical, legal and social interest of its members, to represent them in relation to the labour unions and other employers federations, Association of the Employers' Unions and Federations, ministries, government, parliament, foreign federations or organizations and other legal and physical entities. Some of the most important objectives are:
  • comments on any new law in the area of financial, tax, customs and price policy of the state
  • comments on any new law in the area of insurance and environmental laws and OPB
  • concepts and comments on the conditions in the area of export and load policy, payment conditions and antidumping
  • comments on any new laws and action of a waste, wrappers, forestry, water economy, power enginnering and transportation
  • in the job-legal field conclusions of the collective agreement of a higher grade including the relations to a wage control and newly established income additional insurance
  • co-operation at creation and novelty of legal provisions contiguous with the business activity in the area of standartisation and certification of conformity with valid standards of CEPI and EU
  • commercial, economical, and social propaganda of th industry inland and abroad
  • providing the special, informative, analytical, consulting and legal services to its members
  • executing the concept of the special education and raising the qualification
  • executing the statistical data of selected production indicators in accordance with indicators valid for EU
  • establishing the relationships with foreign organisations and federations
  • influencing and discussing the strategy of technical and investment development of the pulp and paper industry in Slovakia
  • arranging topical conferences, seminars and meetings with merited workmen if the industry
  • co-ordinating the common procedures in the area of the crucial raw materials entries and outputs
  • executing the study of a waste water and the study of occurence and utilisation of an old paper
  • executing the statistical annual report of the industry

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